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Third and fourth day of the Dis+Abled European Summer Games in Wągrowiec

On the third and fourth days of the multidisciplinary Dis+Abled European Summer Games in Wągrowiec, competition took place in goalball, table tennis, archery, sitting volleyball, bowling and cycling (individual time trial).

Wednesday’s event at Lake Durowsky began with heavy rain, so that the archery competition held nearby had to be delayed a bit. Fortunately, the weather quickly improved, and the fleeting precipitation later was just a respite from the heat. At the shooting range we saw archers and archers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Kseniya Markintatova
Poland, archer

„I am originally from Ukraine and moved to Poland with my family before the war broke out. Because of the accident I became a disabled person, but sports and archery allow me not only to do what I love, but also to develop and dream. I worry a lot about my loved ones who live in Kiev, but like everyone else I believe that one day this nightmare will end.” 

Kseniya Markintatova was the best in the block bows, in which Slovakian Marcel Pavlik also showed off his skills . The athlete surprised us with how well he speaks Polish.

Marcel Pavlik
Slovakia, archer

„When the pandemic broke out, we couldn’t train in Slovakia, so we started doing it in Poland. Thanks to that, I quickly learned to speak your language, which is very similar to ours. I am impressed by the organization of this event. It’s good that in Poland Paralympic sport is developing so much and the athletes are being recognized, because in our country it’s a bit worse. Fortunately, we are not far away, so whenever we are invited we will definitely visit you.”

3i4 dzien disabled 2023 3
Photo: Adrian Stykowski

Anna Hillebrandt-Pogorzelska, who nearly 51 years ago represented our country at the Fourth Summer Paralympic Games in Heidelberg, where our team made its debut, is also eager to visit Poland. The Start Poznań athlete then won four medals in para-swimming, two gold and two silver.

Anna Hillebrandt-Pogorzelska

„I am incredibly happy that Paralympic sports are growing so much in our country. I also took part in swimming competitions myself, which shows that you can do sports at any age. After all, I was a swimmer, and that’s something you don’t forget, and although I was initially offered the chance to compete in bowling, I found that I would reminisce about the years of my youth.”

Anna Hillebrandt-Pogorzelska currently lives in the Netherlands and came to Wągrowiec with her husband. 

„Both in the past and today, common competition and fun were and are opportunities to establish international friendships, which sometimes, despite the distance, can turn into love. That’s exactly how it was for me, because I met my future husband – a Dutchman – during the 1976 Games in Toronto.”

3i4 dzien disabled 2023 2
Photo: Maria Gniazdowska

Equally important during the Dis+Abled European Summer Games is the aspect of inclusion, which refers to the creation of a society and environment that allows full participation and equal opportunities for all, regardless of their differences and limitations related to disability. That’s why there were many workshops and training sessions with athletes throughout the event. A big treat for guests and volunteers was the goalball class. Just a reminder that this is a sport designed for visually impaired people. Teams consist of three players, playing blindfolded, and defending a goal 1.3 meters high occupying the entire width of the field. The ball containing bells must be rolled. The game lasts 2 times for 12 minutes each, and matches are played in absolute silence. 

„It was an amazing experience – in fact, even in the dark you can locate the ball by ear,” „The ball is more heavy and fast than it seems when standing and watching the game from the sidelines, and getting hit by it can really hurt,” „I helped organize this competition, but only when I put on the blindfold did I understand how difficult it is. This makes me appreciate these players and what I have even more.”

3i4 dzien disabled 2023 1
Photo: Maria Gniazdowska

The organizer of the Dis+Abled European Summer Games is the Polish Paralympic Committee. The event is co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus + program. The Ministry of Environment and Climate and Minister of Sport and Tourism Kamil Bortniczuk have assumed honorary patronage of the event. Media patrons of the event are TVP Sport, TVP 3 Poznań, Polish Radio and the portal niepeł