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Polish Paralympic Committee organizes European Winter Para Sports Event!

Polish Paralympic Committee organizes European Winter Para Sports Event!


European Winter Para Sports Event, Poland 2020 will be held in winter sports centers in Czarna Góra Ski Resort and Duszniki Zdrój Cross Country Center from 24th of February to 2nd of March. There will come to Poland about 150 athletes with disabilities from 13 European countries. They will compete in four disciplines – para alpine skiing, para – snowboard, cross country skiing and para-biathlon.

European Winter Para Sports Event, Poland 2020 is the first ever non-comercial event of this kind in winter sports for athletes with disabilities. There are expected to come about 300 participants, including 150 para athletes of different ages and sport levels, coming from 13 countries. Trainings and competition will be combined along with educational programme: seminar and workshops of “Medical classification system” and “Anti-Doping Education”. As an accompanying activity, “Inspirational & Motivational Meetings with Paralympians”, strengthening inspirations and motivations in para-sport, will be organized.

What is most important in the event are not the results of the competitions, but the will to encourage young people to take up sport and different kind of activities. Łukasz Szeliga, the President of Polish Paralympic Committee, former Paralympian and paralympic games participant confirms, the development of winter sports in Poland and Europe is his main aim.

We organize ParaSki4Europe to enable young people who start sport to meet. The main idea of the project is to integrate winter sports athletes and coaches from different countries, so as they could exchange their experiences. The project also shall strengthen positive relationships between different countries forming European Union. The project obviously promotes active way of life among people with disabilities.

Event motto “One sport – one Europe – one dream” emphasize the main event aim – to allow para athletes of different ages and sport levels to participate in a big multi-sport event , where winning will be just as important as promotion of social inclusion through sport , health-enhancing physical activity, voluntary activity and also gaining knowledge of the sport and strengthening inspirations and motivations.

European Winter Para Sports Event, Poland 2020 is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme. Erasmus+Sport “Not-for-profit European Sport events “programme has, with very specific aims, to support volunteering in sport; social inclusion through sport; gender equality in sport and health-enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA). The coordinator of the event Romuald Schmidst emphasizes that the time left to the opening of the competition evolves hard work of the whole staff.

We are very much involved in the preparation process. We still accept entry forms. There are already 13 countries ready to come, and there even can be more.  Some of them are real surprises – we did not expect to come athletes from Israel – we are absolutely astonished as we have never met any Israelis in winter sports.  What we could be afraid of is the lack of snow but fortunately we have seen Czarna Góra and Duszniki quite white nowadays and the very first condition of the competition is fulfilled.

The organizers expect participating NPCs will thereafter establish a network to strengthen, support and develop snow para sports in Europe .

European Winter Para Sports Event, Poland 2020 have the media patronage of TVP Sport and niepelnosprawni.pl website.



 More information at www.paralympic.org.pl ParaSki4Europe.

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